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Hey -
Just a note saying I love all your posts and constantly want to reblog everything! In your opinion, what would be the perfect outfit for the first day back at school from break (something preppy casual) for a high school girl?
Thank you!

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Aw, thanks hun!

I always try to play it low-key and classic on the first day back to school (because don’t we all have a little chuckle at the girls who are so obviously decked out head to toe in what Santa brought them and look like they’re trying way too hard with all the latest trends?), so I would recommend something super trad: a button down (I would go plaid, and preferably red and green… but maybe I’m just still in the Christmas spirit!) layered under a cable knit sweater, jeans in a dark wash, and boots or loafers.  (I’m thinking something like this, but dressed down with jeans.)

But, if that’s a little too boring for you, here’s a look I love (some of the pieces are pretty pricey for a standard school day outfit, unless your allowance is totally ridic, but you’ll get the idea):


Cream angora stag sweater, $45 at; plaid shirt, $149 at Barneys; dark blue J Brand jeans, $275 at; Hermes Jumping Boot, $2,050 at; Fendi Meedium Peekaboo bag, $3,230 at Barneys; J Dauphin Leather and Brass Fearless Bracelet, $196 at; gold heart stud earrings, $12 at

Thanks again, I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts!  Enjoy your first day back, I’m sure you’ll look adorable and classy in whatever you choose!

What brand are these:
boots? I love love love them!!

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I wish I knew!  I have been scouring the internet and can’t find them… anyone else know where we can get our hands on these adorable boots?