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Your liking my post is the first time I've seen you on here in forever! I'VE MISSED YOUUUUU! <3

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I’ve missed you, too!  Work has been taking over my life!  But luckily I have come to the realization that prettyness must take priority over work, so I’m back!  xoxo

Hey -
Just a note saying I love all your posts and constantly want to reblog everything! In your opinion, what would be the perfect outfit for the first day back at school from break (something preppy casual) for a high school girl?
Thank you!

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Aw, thanks hun!

I always try to play it low-key and classic on the first day back to school (because don’t we all have a little chuckle at the girls who are so obviously decked out head to toe in what Santa brought them and look like they’re trying way too hard with all the latest trends?), so I would recommend something super trad: a button down (I would go plaid, and preferably red and green… but maybe I’m just still in the Christmas spirit!) layered under a cable knit sweater, jeans in a dark wash, and boots or loafers.  (I’m thinking something like this, but dressed down with jeans.)

But, if that’s a little too boring for you, here’s a look I love (some of the pieces are pretty pricey for a standard school day outfit, unless your allowance is totally ridic, but you’ll get the idea):


Cream angora stag sweater, $45 at; plaid shirt, $149 at Barneys; dark blue J Brand jeans, $275 at; Hermes Jumping Boot, $2,050 at; Fendi Meedium Peekaboo bag, $3,230 at Barneys; J Dauphin Leather and Brass Fearless Bracelet, $196 at; gold heart stud earrings, $12 at

Thanks again, I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts!  Enjoy your first day back, I’m sure you’ll look adorable and classy in whatever you choose!

What brand are these:
boots? I love love love them!!

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I wish I knew!  I have been scouring the internet and can’t find them… anyone else know where we can get our hands on these adorable boots?

You're back. Where've you been girly, missed you!

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I’ve missed you too!  I’ve been too, too busy with work… and now I’m going to be too, too busy spending ages going back and looking at all your (undoubtedly wonderful) posts I’ve missed!  :)

where can i find a classy, preppy, *affordable* tote for all of my Big Red books? thanks!

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Totes!  Thank you for asking a question on one of my favorite topics.  I’ll warn you now – I could write volumes on the options, features, uses, construction, and societal role of The All-Important Tote.  I’m serious.  What accessory gets more use (and abuse) than a carry-all tote?  It is crucial.  It is life sustaining.  Therefore, I think picking out a tote demands careful consideration, and weighing the features most important to you.

First of all:  price.  I’m not sure what “affordable” is but, assuming you’re a student, it probably means “as close to free as I can possibly get.”  Luckily, there are plenty of sturdy – and even cute! – totes for super cheap.

Of course, there is the classic, totally neutral, goes-with-everything (though arguably devoid of all personality) option: the L.L.Bean Boat and Tote Bag.  I would definitely recommend springing for the zip top if you’re at all like me (constantly dropping things, knocking over my bag, and spilling and losing things all over the place and generally making a huge mess wherever I go).  Even with the zip top, this bag is still only $31.95 for the large or $37.95 for the extra large.  (Of course, you score bonus Prep Points with a monogram.)

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, though, L.L.Bean also has some bags with a little more personality.  I’m particularly fond of the Leather-Handled Madras Tote, $49; the Camden Embroidered Tote (who doesn’t love critters?), $49; and the Town and Field Wool Tote, $99 (though with something this wintry, you’d have to shop again for a new tote come spring).

Now, generally, I am pretty cheap.  I don’t like labels splashed all over my clothes and accessories (tacky!), and I resent paying more for an item just because of the name sewn on the tag (which no one will see, anyway).  But there are also certain items where you do get what you pay for, and it might be worth it to lay out the extra cash.  I think a tote is one of them.  You use it practically everyday so, on a cost-per-use basis, even a pricier bag is really pretty reasonable.  And anyway, you don’t really save if you get a low price bag that is also cheaper quality and end up having to replace it pretty frequently.  (I learned my lesson on this the hard way – in college I was seduced by the bright colors and loud patterns of the ubiquitous Vera Bradley totes; I ended up having to replace them at least once a semester due to wear and tear and the frayed handles spilling their foamy cushioning everywhere – yuck.)

Does “Big Red” books mean you’re a Cornellian?!  If that’s the case, then I would definitely recommend getting a water resistant bag with a zip top.  You’ll be trudging through snow, sleet, and rain practically everyday, and wet, warped books are just not fun.  They tend to be a little pricier, but you can find some absolutely adorable totes made of sailcloth that are sturdy and will do a good job of protecting your books and laptop, even when it’s Ithacating outside.

My absolute favorite, though I admit it’s a bit of a splurge:  Ella Vickers One of a Kind Sail Head Tote in White Sailcloth, $296.  Each one is totally unique, because they’re made with pieces of reclaimed yacht sails.  (You can request specific sail numbers on your bag, but it’s not guaranteed.)

 Another Ella Vickers sailcloth tote that’s cheaper, and has a waterproof liner (crucial in Ithaca!) is the Blue Star Sailcloth Zippered Handbag, $98.  It also has 3 inside pockets, which is nice for keeping organized.  Also adorable by Ella Vickers:  the Snipe Insignia Rope Handbag, $98; San Francisco White Dacron, $158; and the Star Zip Handbag (the zip top and waterproof lining are key), $98.

Sperry makes absolutely adorable sailcloth totes, though sadly they don’t have a zip top: the Sperry Top-Sider Sailcloth Tote Medium, $150.  Or, for something a little more feminine and sophisticated, I like Tipsy Skipper’s Tipsy Totes, $75.

I hope that helps!  Happy toting!

What does V.D.D. stand for? & why can't you get anything monogramed?

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Well, my first and middle names are Vanessa Dawn.  And V.D. is used to refer to venereal disease… i.e., an STD.  Definitely not the cutest initials one could have, and not really something I would like to have embroidered on my chest!